About Us

Who We Are

DEVAR - is an innovative brand that creates products with augmented technology Reality (Development of Augmented Reality). In the age of mobile devices, information technology and interactive entertainment, traditional books are losing their value in the eyes of modern readers. In DEVAR Books, we think that it is time to take the next step. We are bringing the magic back into the printed books. We combine traditional reading with the interactivity of modern world! Our books allow readers to create their own unique characters, interact with them and even take part in the story! DEVAR kids is a book series with AR technology for kids. With DEVAR kids a child may create a unique character and make it live. It helps to develop imagination and get more creative.


To show to both parents and children how combining technology and books can be both entertaining and educational!


To help children develop an interest in both books and technology!

Official Representative

Roza Khalitova

Official representative of the Company Devar kids in Cyprus